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Heinz Amenitsch
Graz, Austria
"Small angle scattering for the characterization of nanostructured (bio-)materials"

Carolin Antoniak
Duisburg, Germany
"Fe-based nanoparticles for data storage or biomedical applications: element-specific characterization by XAS"

Johannes Boneberg
Konstanz, Germany
"Surface Structuring by Single Pulse Laser Interference: Principles and Applications"

Yngve Cerenius
Lund, Sweden
"Utilizing the Ultra-Low Emittance First Phase Beamlines at MAXIV"

Giovanni Dietler
Lausanne, Switzerland
"The Polymer Physics of DNA and of Amyloid Fibers"

Hermann Dürr
Menlo Park, USA
"Probing magnetism with X-rays"

Artur Erbe
Dresden, Germany
"Current transport through single molecules"

Alain Gibaud
Le Mains, France
"Small angle X-ray analysis of mesoporous hybrid nanomaterials: SAXS, GISAXS*, X-ray reflectivity"

Wiesław Gruszecki
Lublin, Poland
"Spectroscopy of photosynthetic pigment-protein complex LHCII"

Jürgen Härtwig
Grenoble, France
"X-ray optics - from the macro- to the nano-world"

Ulrich Herr
Ulm, Germany
"The study of magnetic properties of thin films and nanoparticles"

Andreas Hütten
Bielefeld, Germany
"From magnetic nanoparticles to magnetoresistive biosensors"

Libor Juha
Prague, Czech Republic
"Response of molecular solids to intense XUV/X-ray radiation: from PMMA to DNA"

Robert Kruk
Karlsruhe, Germany
"Electronically tuneable properties of nanostructured materials"

Piotr Laidler
Krakow, Poland
"Structural and functional characterization of cancer cells with the use of biophysical methods"

Isabelle Lisiecki
Paris, France
"From the Co nanocrystals to the supracrystals: Towards ferromagnetism at room temperature"

Denys Makarov
Dresden, Germany
"Shapeable magneto-electronics"

Piotr Marszałek
Durham, USA
"Reconstruction of Vectorial Protein Folding Pathways by Atomic Force Microscopy and Molecular Dynamics Simulations"

Torsten Pietsch
Konstanz, Germany
"Electron transport in magnetic quantum point contacts"

Marek Przybylski
Halle, Germany
"Manipulating magnetic anisotropy via the density of states at the Fermi level"

Petra Rudolf
Groningen, the Netherlands
"The hybrid Langmuir-Schaefer deposition – a new approach to create low dimensional functional nanostructures"

Grigory Smolentsev
Lund, Sweden
"Hands-on tutorial on quantitative analysis of XANES"

Jakub Szlachetko
Villigen, Switzerland
"Development and application of wavelength-dispersive spectroscopy for x-ray imaging analysis"

Kristiaan Temst
Leuven, Belgium
"Neutron scattering studies for the investigation of magnetic nanostructures"